School Visits

Suzy visits schools across Western Canada, bringing the LOVE of reading and writing to students in K-12. Through workshops Suzy has developed that complement English Language Arts, Health, and Social Studies curriculum, students have an opportunity to experiment with writing, sharing and editing their creative thoughts.   image1 (1)

An experienced and engaging public speaker, Suzy is comfortable in front of any size audience. Her enthusiasm and story-telling will keep students engaged in learning about all things writing.

Suzy’s rates are $325/half day, $550/full day. Please contact Suzy at for available dates and Author in Residence rates. (Suzy is registered under CBE Artist Roster with the Young Alberta Book Society).

Suzy has developed sessions for Calgary, Red Deer and Foothills Young Writers’ Conferences, as well as schools across Alberta that are very popular in classroom settings, including:

**NEW** Short Story PAT Bootcamp (Grade 6)

Get students ready for Alberta’s PATs! This Half-day interactive course introduces the short story process, character arcs, overcoming writers’ block and word choice, among other topics. Students will gain experience writing on the spot, and learn strategies to put their best foot forward when using writing prompts.

The Story Process Grades K-3

Ever wonder where story ideas come from? Anything you can imagine can become a story. Learn in a classroom setting what the elements of stories are, and create and act out a story together that incorporates the students ideas.

Alberta Champions Short Story Contest Prep Grades 4-9

Suzy works with students preparing short stories for this spring contest, giving them some creative ideas to plan and jump-start their stories. Students should have already chosen which Alberta Champion they plan to write about, and done some research on their accomplishments. Through a series of exercises, students will come away with a solid start on their short story, which can be entered into the Alberta Champions Short Story Contest. More information on the contest.More information on Alberta Champions Short Story Contest

Writing About Relationships Grades 4-12

A writer’s job is to make readers FEEL. If we’ve done that, we’ve done our jobs. In this workshop, we’ll explore writing strategies to make characters and situations in your stories seem real. We’ll practice drawing on everyday situations to add reality to our writing. We’ll talk about how relationships such as friendship, rivalry and love can be used to move stories forward, and practice writing short scenes that convey emotion.

Creating Magic Systems Grades 4-12

Love reading about magic? Learn how to write about it in this interactive workshop. We’ll discover together what makes up a complete magic system including some standard elements. We’ll also discuss magic systems in literature that we admire. Students will then have the opportunity to create a set of rules for their own magic system, and practice writing in this newly created world in a way that will keep readers guessing what’s coming next.

The Magic of Following your Dreams Grades 9-12

If students could be anywhere in 5 years, doing anything at all, where would it be, and what might it look like? In this fun workshop, students create a fictional character who lives out their dream life. We explore what steps the character took to get there, who in their story helped them along their path, and what obstacles they may face to get there.

Business Writing Grades 10-12

As a long-time business executive, Suzy holds workshops to prepare students for professional communications – how business communications differ from fiction/creative writing and what is expected in the business world. Suzy developed this program after working with young employees who came into the workforce without this skill set. Topics can be tailored to fit the class’ needs, but include cover letters for job applications, writing business letters, professional emailing etiquette and awareness of social media’s role on students’ public image. These topics are dealt with in a topical and humorous way that incorporates Suzy’s extensive experience in business, social media and public relations. This series of workshops is available for grades 10-12.

Suzy is a wealth of information and can adapt presentations to the needs of the school and the classroom. Just ask!

Taleblazers Alberta Tours

Suzy is a proud member of the Young Alberta Book Society (YABS). Subsidies for Suzy’s travel to your school or library may be available during their fall Taleblazers tours.  Check out information on Suzy’s YABS profile for more information.  Book Suzy for Taleblazers

For dates outside the Taleblazers fall tours, please contact Suzy directly at