Editing and Book Coaching Services

Editing – Why Work with Me?

I provide either a 1-2 page manuscript read, or a 15 minute consultation on your project free of charge to show you what services I can offer. So, what are you waiting for? Contact me at suzyvadori@yahoo.com to book. Let’s talk writing! (See below for full packages/rates)

I thrive on helping writers make their projects great! Whatever stage you’re at with your idea, whether you’re just getting started or trying to figure out how to get it published, I will work passionately with you to get it over the finish line.

I write for Young Adults, and am a two-time Aurora Award nominee and the recipient of a bronze medal for Best Young Adult Fiction – Romance, from Readers’ Favorite Book Awards. I am represented by Naomi Davis of Bookends Literary Agency.

Book coaching is a relatively new industry which has sprung up to fill an increasing gap in support for authors from traditional publishings. Because of my love of all things writing, I am a proud, active member of over 20 writing communities across North America in every genre imaginable. I enjoy working with novel-length or short story fiction in Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult, New Adult, Middle Grade, Picture Books, Memoir, Non-Fiction and more. I am currently completing my Advanced Book Coaching Certification through Jennie Nash’s Author Accelerator.

In addition to writing and editing, I am a Program Manager for When Words Collide (a literary festival in Calgary), Public Speaker, Writing Instructor and Story Coach at Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society (AWCS) and the Founder of WriteIt!, bringing professional writers into schools. I am blessed to be doing all things writing full-time, and I am always happy to share what I’ve learned and get you started on your journey to publishing.

Developmental Editing Packages

Manuscript Read – Novels

$50 + $0.004 /word

Getting an experienced set of eyes on your manuscript after your first or second draft is an awesome place to start your feedback process. Although friends and family may love your story, this manuscript read is a good gut check to see how your project stands up to professional works, and point out areas that may need work.

I am an incredibly positive reviewer, and I’ll be sure to let you know what works in your story, as well as what doesn’t, because writing is hard, and it’s important to celebrate our successes and build confidence.

With this package, I will read your full manuscript and provide a detailed edit letter outlining your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, highlight scenes that work or don’t, comment on pacing, character and story arcs, as well as provide suggestions for revisions. If I notice recurring mistakes or weaknesses with your writing (tenses, repeated words, passive voice), I will point them out and provide learning resources you can access to fix them, but I will not provide line edits or corrections in your manuscript in this package.

Developmental Edit – Short Story or Novel

$100, + $0.01 per word

When you’ve taken the manuscript as far as you can on your own, this inclusive package will help boost it over the finish line! I’ll do an in-depth read, providing comments throughout your manuscript, including reader reactions and suggestions for fixes.

A healthy dose of in-line comments will give you a feel for what your readers will experience. I always aim to make my comments as specific as possible, to give you the best direction and chance of success. I will point out grammatical errors and typos the first few times they occur, and provide instruction on how to fix them. However, this package is not a substitution for a copy edit, and I will not correct similar mistakes through the entire manuscript. Rather, it will give you feedback to improve your writing skills and your project, and get you a huge leap forward on your publishing journey.

Coaching Packages

Contact for Pricing

Learning to write to support your business or book aspirations, outlining, getting your project finished, deciding what route to take with publishing, finding a publisher or developing a marketing plan for your book – whatever help you need on your journey, I am confident I can coach you through it. Publishing is a confusing industry, changing quickly. Please take advantage of my offer of 15 minutes free consultation (I’m available online or by phone) to brainstorm a package to make your writing dreams happen!

Copy Edit, Line Edit, Proofread

Projects accepted on a case-by-case basis. Contact me to discuss if this is what you’re looking for.


Suzy is an amazing editor with an eye not only for technical mishaps that may have been overlooked, but also for plot progression. Suzy digs into each character to aid in their development, and make them stand out. She is a credit to the industry as both an author and an editor as she knows what works, and more importantly what does not work; especially when it comes to what the reader is looking for. Her talented eye is what every manuscript needs to get that polished look that every author yearns for.

Joshua Pitre, fantasy writer


When my Mystery Manuscript needed a second set of eyes on it I asked Suzy Vadori to have a look at it. She not only found plot issues I needed to address, but also some research errors I had missed. I wouldn’t hesitate to have Suzy edit or beta read any (or ALL) of my future novels.

Tim Reynolds, Fiction author of fantasy, mystery and comedy


I’ve trusted Suzy to review my manuscripts and projects for many years, in genres ranging from romance to young adult fantasy, to screen plays. Her attentive feedback and fresh perspective always helps me take my writing to the next level. Suzy is an extremely positive influence in the writing community and is able to provide advice and career guidance to writers of all ability and aspiration.

Madison Avery Olive, author of romance, paranormal YA and screenplays