The West Woods is Coming!

I am thrilled beyond belief to be able to share the beautiful cover for The West Woods!  Designer Jeff Minkevics gave this story the perfect mix of fantasy and mystery.

The West Woods is Book 2 of The Fountain Series, a prequel that takes place the year before The Fountain. It’s Courtney’s story – how she came to be the hardened person that she was in The Fountain (hint – it has to do with MAGIC!). It also answers lots of questions about the St. Augustus campus, the connection between the school’s founder and its teachers, and more.

This book was so much fun to write. Courtney has a softer side. She has amazing friendships that came to life in this book. There is still magic, and romance, of course – but the friendships that developed in this book were amazing to write.

Today was a super fun day – COVER REVEAL DAY!  With dozens of YA Book Bloggers helping to spread the word about The West Woods by participating. The count down to the launch has begun – officially launching September 22, 2017.

I hope you love The West Woods as much as I loved writing it. Stay tuned for more details of the launch, with contests, blogs, reviews, and of course, a terrific launch party.

Thank you to all my readers, I couldn’t do this without you.

GoodreadsThe West Woods Cover Reveal - Suzy Vadori Aug 8 2017

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Two Years an Author – What’s it Been Like?

This week marks two years ago that I sold the manuscript for The Fountain to Evil Alter Ego Press, finding myself in the ranks of Author overnight. How time has flown! As I’m preparing for the launch of Book 2 in The Fountain Series, (THE WEST WOODS), people keep asking me, “How’s it going?” So, I thought I’d share with you all how it’s going, and what it’s been like.

It’s going GREAT! I love being an author.

Here’s some stuff I’ve learned…

Writing a book is just the beginning. Becoming a writer is much like starting your own business – no rest for the wicked. There’s writing, there’s editing, then… there’s sales, marketing, promotion, events, media, and more writing. Phew! Luckily, I like it all. No complaints.

So many people are writing a book! It never ceases to amaze me how many people I meet are working on writing their own book. My advice to each and every one of them? Keep at it! Finish it! It can be a scary thing to put your writing out into the world. But if you love it, it’ll show, and you’ll find readers that appreciate what you’ve written. If I can help you in any way, I will, just ask.

The writing community isn’t nearly as daunting as I’d feared (sorry for letting your secret out, y’all). What a welcoming crew. As the publishing industry continues to change, no one author can possibly stay on top of it all by themselves. I’ve been very lucky to be part of many writing communities who have helped me at every step along the way. The most successful authors I know are the ones that are the most giving with their knowledge – they’re the ones I hope to be like someday.

There are many different ways to make a career out of writing. Many writers, like me, have a day job that they love as well. But the most surprising thing I’ve found is that full-time writers make a living many different ways, depending on their skill set and interests. Writing and selling books is only a part of what they do best. Teaching, coaching, editing, freelance, technical writing and more, this group is certainly creative, and inspiring.

Readers are amazing! This has been the most thrilling part of the whole ride – having real live readers experience The Fountain and ask for more. I thank them all for the feedback, reviews, and for sharing this journey with me.

What’s next?…

I have all of you to thank for reading and supporting and sharing my excitement. For all of you (okay, and for me too), I’m planning a huge party this September (2017) and you’re all invited. Whether I see you every day, haven’t seen you in a while, or you’re a reader that I haven’t met yet, I hope you’ll celebrate with me and let me buy you a drink (or a “Fountain” Mocktail for the kiddos!). Celebrate the birth of my second book, as well as celebrating reading, writing and doing whatever it is in life that we love. See you there!

Buy Links…

Barnes and Noble

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If you could keep your 35 year old body, or your 35 year old mind for the rest of your life, which would you keep?

Find out what I said in this zany interview with The University of Calgary’s CJSW radio host, Emily Ursuliak, Host of Writer’s Block! (Okay, truth? I wish I’d picked the other one by the time I was done talking.)

I just loved Emily’s interview, she asked crazy questions that were more like a parlor game than an interrogation. She made me think on my feet. Thanks, Emily!



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What did Writer’s want to be Before they were Writers?

We all become writers for different reasons in life. People get here in different ways… Take a look at this interview I did with L. M. Durand that explores what I wanted to be when I grew up, and how I got here… 

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New Year, Back to School Again!

Posting this awesome Back to School interview I gave this fall with my friend and amazing Eco-Romance author Sarah Kades, in honor of January Back to School.

My kids’ comments on their triumphant return to schedules this week –

Kid 1 : “It’s a new year, why am I still going back to Kindergarten? I should be in grade 1!”

Kid 2: “I can’t wait to see my friends,” *vibrates with excitement* “we’ll play so much soccer!” (only to have his dreams crushed by -20 degree temps and indoor recess all week)

Kid 3: “I guess I’m excited,” rolls eyes…

Find out what I think of Back to School…



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Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride… Find out how I felt the Day after The Aurora Awards 2016 were Announced. Better Luck Next Year?

Just Joshing host Josh Pantelleresco cornered me the day after the 2016 Aurora Awards were announced and we talked about the thrill of being a Finalist, and what the day after looks like.

He challenged me on why I write and what my plans are, and it turned out to be a great interview.

My interview starts at about 5:45 in this podcast, take a listen!!

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Readers – Why I Write

Recently, I received an email from a teen reader, who was beside herself after reading The Fountain. Her letter read:

SUZY VADORI YOU DID NOT END THE BOOK THAT WAY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ! Okay, I know that this isn’t really a “professional ” email but I just finished your book and my heart is DYING!!! you have hurt me, you have created the most wonderful romance I could ever imagine! ! No you did not go there!!! I can’t help but ship but, arrgggg you are tearing my world apart!! Now excuse me while I figuratively cry under my covers… HOW DARE YOU!!



I was puzzled by this letter. The book has a happy ending. Or, at least, a “Happy for Now” as we say. Who knows where the rest of the series will lead? The thing was, I couldn’t tell from this letter whether or not she actually liked the book, or whether she was disappointed with it, so it got to me. (I got another letter from her later – she LOVED it, and enthusiastically so).

But it got me to thinking about why I write, and what the point of it all actually is. And what I realized is that I think a book’s job is to make us feel. In The Fountain, sixteen year old Ava has choices to make throughout. Tough choices, just like the ones we have to make everyday. It’s not always obvious to her what the “right” choice will be. I’ve had readers tell me that her choices are obvious. And I’ve had readers react like this amazing teen – because they wanted her to choose something different. A different life, perhaps. But we’re all different, really – and thankfully so.

Tough choices are why Young Adult books like The Hunger Games and anything by John Green are such sensations. We want to feel. We want to know what it would feel like to be in a really tough situation. What would we do? What is right, and what is wrong, and what choices do we sometimes have to make to just get through the day?

The Fountain works because it does just that. It carries the reader on a difficult journey, where Ava does the best she can with what she’s handed. For the time it takes to flip its pages, the reader faces the same choices as Ava – and it’s not always obvious what’s right. So I feel I’ve done my job. The story gets colored by the readers own values and experiences – and that’s very exciting to me, whether or not readers agree with the choices my characters make.

I am working on the next two books in the series, and readers’ reactions have become my guide. Every edit I do, I make sure that the feeling is there. Sometimes this takes a little longer to achieve, but it’s worth the wait. The magic that makes a reader want to reach out and discuss my book is something I hope I never lose in my writing.

Now excuse me while I figuratively cry under my covers… (Though they may be happy tears) 🙂





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