Five Reasons to Stop Reading this and Get Back to WRITING!


If you’re anything like me, writing is something I NEED to do!  Right now, I’m researching and outlining my next book, which doesn’t leave me much time for blogging.  So, I thought I’d write a post that will inspire you to get back to your writing, too.  After all, that’s the goal, isn’t it??

Five Reasons to Stop Reading this and Get Back to your own WRITING!

1.  It’ll never get written if you don’t even start

2.  I have yet to hear of a book deal for your creative prose in tweets or text messages.  Put your creativity to use.

3.  If you write just a page per day, you’ll have a mid-sized novel will be done within the year.  Phew!

4.  Writer’s block?  Write around it!  Start in a different place, use a different voice, change the setting…  just write through it.

5.  Because there is no feeling like being in the zone and having the words flow.

Happy Writing!

10.   Only YOU can tell your story

Now go write.   

About suzy vadori

Young Adult Writer Suzy's enthusiasm for life is contagious. Her first Young Adult novel, The Fountain, is coming out December 8, 2015 with Evil Alter Ego Press
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3 Responses to Five Reasons to Stop Reading this and Get Back to WRITING!

  1. Rellick says:

    OK, Ok I will

  2. Thanks for your post. I think all writers struggle with distractions. For me sometimes the problem is getting a story on paper. I’ll think about it for days or weeks but fail to write it down.

  3. Good Words! Sometimes we need that “kick” to get back in gear!

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